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Belgium Hunts Possible Accomplice Of Jewish Museum Shooter - Yahoo News

Authorities are now looking for a man who was seen walking beside Nemmouche near Brussels North railway station four days after the attack. "We want this person to explain his presence there," a spokesman for Belgium's federal prosecutors said. Footage from the museum's security cameras showed a man wearing a dark cap and a blue jacket enter the building, take a Kalashnikov rifle out of a bag, and shoot into a room, before walking out. An Israeli couple and a French woman died on the spot, a fourth victim, a Belgian man, died later in hospital. Nemmouche http://brattenplanet.beeplog.com/292881_5116575.htm was caught during a routine check at a bus station in Marseille, southern France, and was extradited to Belgium in July. On his arrest he was carrying a backlinks Kalashnikov, another gun and ammunition similar to that used in the shooting, prosecutors said.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/belgium-hunts-possible-accomplice-jewish-museum-shooter-103138538.html

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